We Tried Instagram Automation and Here's What Happened

When our clients first come to us, a lot of them ask us about automated liking, commenting and other automated services for Instagram. We always advise against automated practices, but realised we don't have concrete information about why Instagram automation isn't advisable. 

So we tried it. And now we can tell you difiinitevly, DON'T DO IT

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Content Marketing Tips for Tech Brands with a Non-Tech Audience

While all industries face their own unique set of challenges when it comes to getting their brand or business noticed with content marketing, tech brands need to be particularly creative with their content. In this article, we share tips on how tech businesses can engage their audiences through content marketing.

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10 Content Marketing Mistakes That Turn Your Audience Off

Sometimes, it can feel like you are at the top of your content marketing game, and the next second, it feels like that all comes crashing down around you as your online audience unsubscribes from e-mails or unfollows you on Social Media. 

In this article, we identify ten common content marketing mistakes that many brands and business make which lead to their audience losing interest in them. We also explain how your brand can fix these errors or avoid making them all together.

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When Funny turns to Faux Pas: A Look at When Humour Turns to Offence on Social Media

The London Dungeon recently had their followers all worked up on Social Media over a post they thought would be humorous, that ended up causing a great deal of offence. What can be learned about The London Dungeon's Social Media misstep? The post explains.

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3 Companies Who Have Their Social Media Customer Service Down to an Art Form

Here at SoBu Social Media Marketing, one of our favourite things is getting to celebrate the success of the creative minds behind some of our favourite Social Media campaigns. In this article, we look at three brands who are using their Social Media presence to deliver exemplary customer service and a stellar customer experience.

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