3 Companies Who Have Their Social Media Customer Service Down to an Art Form

The Power of Social Media Customer Service

As Social Media continues to become more and more pervasive in every aspect of modern life, it’s power as a tool for Customer Service cannot be overlooked. More and more customers are turning to the very public forum of their favourite Social Media platform to express their views on brands. These views can range from epic rants and tirades about bad experiences, to witty quips about how much they enjoy a product or service, and both of these examples, and anything in between, offers an opportunity for a positive and meaningful interaction with the client.

Some companies take full advantage of these opportunities and have gained huge online followings by running excellent Social Media accounts.

Here we will look at 5 companies who are doing Social Media right!


JetBlue is a low-cost American airline, they are based in New York and are the 6th largest carrier in the U.S. The customer service of JetBlue is legendary, and has earned them over 2 million followers on Twitter alone. Their other Social Media account have a considerable following as well. The success of their Customer Service is due to their quick response times, their light hearted approach, and their patience when dealing with customers who are having a less than ideal experience.

One important lesson to learn from JetBlue's customer service on Twitter is NOT to ignore negative comments. Rather than ignoring instances where JetBlue customers have had a poor, or negative experience, JetBlue's customer service team is quick to recognise this as an opportunity to turn a negative brand experience into a positive for their customers by responding to negative comments online with genuine care and empathy. This has enabled JetBlue to turn a number of potentially negative situations into positive experiences. The fact that these experiences are then shared on Social Media, by bother JetBlue themselves and their customer contributes to the brand reputation for great customer service.

They're also very good at responding to every mention of them on Social Media, not just tweets which are written directly to them. This is especially notable in the way that they respond to positive tweets. One example of their responsiveness to mentions of their brand on Twitter is  when Ben Kepes took to twitter to announce his first flight on JetBlue they were quick to respond.

JetBlue Social Media Customer Service Twitter

In addition to this Twitter Exchange, he was delighted to discover that they had upgraded him to first class for his flight. He then took to Forbes, where he is a contributor, to sing their praise in an article that was great publicity for the airline.

Another JetBlue customer jokingly tweeted about being sad to be coming home, and asked for a parade. Well JetBlue delivered and had their customer service team waiting at the gate with signs, banners and streamers. Suffice to say the customer was thrilled and immediately took to Social Media to praise the airline.

These are two examples of where going the extra mile with customer service has paid off in fantastically publicity for their company.


Wendy's Funny Twitter

The snarky and sarcastically hilarious Twitter account of the Wendy’s fast food chain is another legend of the Social Media world. By shutting down negative commenters left and right with their wry wit and sarcastic barbs, Wendy’s Twitter account has made such a name for itself that users engage with the brand on Twitter, solely for entertainment purposes.

This has lead to a huge following for Wendy’s Social Media accounts and massive brand recognition. The account is also quick to promote their superiority over their competitors and isn't afraid to throw shade on other fast food chains like McDonald's and Burger King.

Wendy's Twitter Social Media

Wendy’s Twitter marketing strategy is a great example of how using humour appropriately can engage your audience and attract the attention of huge online audiences. Believe it or not, they also deliver great customer service on Twitter and are extremely response to mentions of their brand - even in instances where Twitter users do not reply to the brand directly.

Wendy's Twitter account perfectly taps into the trend of ‘roasting’ to engage young adults and teens who are their primary online audience. They also reap the benefits of added exposure through content sharing sites like Reddit and TheChive which allows their content to reach a huge audience and has lead to the Wendy's brand gaining considerable traction amongst online audiences.


Microsoft’s gaming console has an incredible customer support team working on Twitter.

XBOXSupport Twitter Customer Service

The dedicated support handle @XboxSupport holds the distinction of being the ‘Most Responsive Brand on Twitter’ according to the Guinness Book of World Records, and has over 800 thousand followers. They have clearly posted hours of 6AM- 12PM Pacific time, so users know when they can expect a response, and they answer questions with excellent product knowledge, work diligently to solves user issues and engage customers in a fun and friendly manner.  

Xbox is a great example of how you can use Twitter, and other Social Media platforms, to deliver great customer service. Not only do they respond well to customers who are having technical difficulties with their Xbox console, they also do a great job of responding positively to a somewhat negative situation, which is one of the hallmarks of good customer service.

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