4 Ways to Deliver Amazing Customer Experience With Social Media

The importance of customer service cannot be overstated. Whether your customers are the general public, multinational corporations, or anything in between, the level of service provided to them is a major factor in their decision to continue using your products or engaging your services.

Business is Powered by People

While the business world is based on numbers, figures, and collections of cold facts that determine if a deal will go ahead or not, it is still powered by people, and humans are not machines. They are driven by emotions, and even the most hardened individual will be swayed by these emotions when making decisions.

This is why people will often shun a better price if it comes from a person or company they do not trust or have had bad dealings with in the past. This is why building good relationships with customers is so important. In today's digital world, Social Media is the key to delivering great a personalised experience and great customer service. 

We have compiled our top techniques for building excellent customer relations through delivering an amazing customer experience using Social Media.

Social Media and Customer Service

Social Media is the Future of Customer Service

Social Media gives an unrivaled opportunity to create online interactions with customers that will turn them into the highly prized ‘customer for life’. Utilising the following tips will take your brand’s online customer service to the next level.

Response Time is Key: When a customer reaches out to you on Social Media, response time is critical. Social Media audiences have a short attention span, and no one likes to be kept waiting, so responding as quickly as possible to client questions and comments is vital.

Market Research indicates that 42% of users expect a response within 60 minutes of contacting a company on Social media. This is particularly relevant to negative feedback, where you should respond before other users have the chance to view and comment. A customer complaint on Social Media that has been immediately responded to and dealt with by the brand shows, not only to the customer with the problem, but also to everyone who views the post, that you care about your customers experience and are willing to go the extra mile to give them excellent service.

Listen to What Your Customers are Saying: Social Media gives invaluable insights into what your customers are saying about your brand. By tracking the conversation surrounding your brand you can discover what is working well, what is unpopular, and how you can improve before any of this information hits your official feedback channels. By using this resource you can enact changes to your strategies and fix customer complaints before they are even officially made, making your brand seem well and truly ahead of the curve on customer service.

Social monitoring tools such as Hootsuite, Social Mention, Google Alerts, and many others, make it easy for you to monitor what is being said about your brand online.

Take Every Interaction Seriously (But not too Seriously): Every time a customer contacts or mentions your brand on Social Media is an opportunity to create a positive interaction. Replying to a mention of your brand, regardless of how small or insignificant the mention is, makes the customer feel valued and is very likely to elicit a positive response.A simple “Thank you for using our product” in response to a mention can make a customer's day.

If the voice of your brand allows, humour is an excellent source of customer interaction, and by playing along with customers jokes on Social Media you will improve the reputation of your brand and gain valuable positive exposure. If you play it well enough your interaction may be shared on a site like Reddit, where it will gain thousands of additional views.

A great example of using humour to engage audiences is the American fast-food restaurant Wendy's. They're Twitter account is full of humour and sarcasm. Their new, sarcastic voice, along with their hilarious Super Bowl 51 advertisement, are keeping their fans excited to eat in their restaurants. 

Match Your Customer's Tone of Voice: Matching a customer’s tone, formality and slang will create a rapport with them. This will help foster a positive interaction. Paying attention to the language your customer is using will give you important information about them and their preferred communication style.

For example, many spelling and grammatical errors could mean english is their second language, and you should use clear and concise language free of slang to communicate effectively. If someone is using a tone that shows they are frustrated or angry then using a soft, empathetic but to-the-point tone will help in dealing with their concern without angering them further.

You should generally avoid the use emojis in your customer communication if you are a professional brand, unless the customer uses them first, then it will foster a more genuine interaction. When choosing a tone of voice for customer communication always remain true to the core of your brand. Replying “OMG lol, thats totes bad you're not happy” to a client who has an issue with their loved one’s funeral arrangements would not go down very well.

Customer Service and Social Media Marketing

As we move more and more into a world of digital marketing, many brands and business express concern of the impersonality and detachment of digital marketing and Social Media Marketing. It is assumed that, as we use computers, mobile devices and technology to interact with our customers and clients, we move in the realm of impersonality. 

The reality is that the opposite is true. With Social Media you are able to reach more customers and client than you ever have before. A Social Media Marketing strategy that is peppered with personal touches and includes responsive online customer service, will launch your brand's customer service to new heights.

To learn more about how Social Media Marketing will facilitate more personalised customer service, or to find out about SoBu Social Media Marketing's customisable digital marketing packages, contact us here. One of our Social Media account managers will be happy you answer any questions you might have.