5 Reasons Why Still Need to Include Google Plus in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Google+ has had a bit of a sorted history when it comes to Social Media Marketing. When the Social Media platform was introduced back in 2011, it was met with a resounding sense of ennui from Social Media users who found Google+ to be too similar to Facebook to be anything but redundant. 

At the time, Google+ didn't have anything new to offer Social Media users as their target niche was already occupied by Facebook and LinkedIn. 

In response to user apathy, Google was forced to re-exam their Social Media site and look for ways to improve user experience by offering something that other Social Media websites did not offer. After undergoing multiple changes to their platform, in early 2015, Google announced "the new Google+" which included a whole host of new features like Communities and Collections. You can read more about the updates to Google+ here

In spite of the constant revamping of Google+, many user, especially businesses and brands, have put little, if any effort into their presence on Google+, but it's time for brands to rethink their use of Google+ in their Social Media Marketing strategy.

Google+ Social Media Marketing

Why Your Brand Needs to be on Google+

Google+ content is almost instantaneously indexed and appears in Google search results: One this google had that no other Social Media platform has, is their powerful search engine. Google was quick to leverage the power of their search engine when it came to attracting users to their Social Media platform.

Posting your content on Google+ is extremely valuable for SEO purposes as the content that you post is indexed quickly by Google and then appears in SERPs. Sharing your content on Google+ provides you with valuable keyword ranking opportunities and drives traffic to your Google+ page which in turn drives traffic to your website.

Additionally, when you post content to your brand's Google+ page, that content is ranked much higher in a search engine results page than content posted to other Social Media sties. The reason for this is that Google places more value on the content that is posted on their own Social Media site versus content on other Social Media platform or other websites.

Google+ is linked to Gmail: Gmail boasts more than 1 billion active users every month. The chances are you are one of those users and your brand's customers or clients are as well. When using Gmail's platform, your Google+ account appears every time one of your customers or clients opens your e-mail. 

To encourage your clients to connect with you on Gmail, be sure to fill out your Google+ profile in full. Additionally, it is important to have a clear image of yourself or your company logo. Once your clients click over to your Google+ profile, they will be able to interact with all of the content that you have posted there which should be aimed at driving traffic back to your brand's website.

Google+ hosts a very targeted demographic: If your brand's target audience is an American male working in engineering, software development or any tech career, you will find them on Google+. 74% of Google+ users are men, 55% are based in America, and 62% of Google+ users are employed in the tech industry.

It is important to note that Google+ has the highest ratio of male users of any Social Media platform. 

Google+ Communities: Communities are groups with more than one owner and moderator. People can join new Communities and make new connections within the Community. Users can also share content to that Community and all of the users in that Community will see that content come up with their Google+ stream. 

In 2016, Google announced the Communities experienced 1.2 million DAILY new community joins. That's massive growth and is a very compelling reason why your brand should be represented on Google+.

If you're brand is new to Google+, Communities offer a great way to build up your following. By joining relevant groups and sharing pertinent content, Google+ users will gravitate toward your brand's Google+ page. Building a larger following on Google+ increases the likelihood that you Google+ profile will appear high in Google's SERP and it thereby increases traffic to your website.

To see an example of a successful Google+ Community, check out this one: Social Media for Entrepreneurs.

Some big brands are experiencing great success on Google+: If the big brands who are experiencing a tonne of success on Google+ are anything to go by, your brand needs to be represented on this Social Media platform. National Geographic, Evernote, Arrianna Huffington and so many more brands and public figures experience a great deal of engagement on Google+.

Our favourite Google+ profile belongs to NASA. Their page is filled with useful information and incredible images. It's easy to see why Google+ users are eager to follow NASA on Google+.

SoBu Social Media Marketing and Google+

At SoBu, we actively encourage our clients to maintain a presence on Google+. The SEO benefits are of paramount importance and the potential to miss your brand's male demographic is very real if you avoid connecting with online audience on Google+. 

To learn more about Google+, or to find our about SoBu Social Media Marketing's customisable Google+ marketing packages, contact us here. One of our friendly Social Media account managers will be happy to answer any question you might have.