Great Examples of How NOT to Tweet As Told by Donald Trump

The 45th President of the United States of America is nothing if not controversial. One of the most glaring differences between Donald Trump and the Commander in Chief who preceded him is Trump's approach to Social Media. While President Obama was known for his eloquent and inspiring tweets, saved for marking special occasions, Trump’s endless tirade on Twitter often comes across as a spiteful and childish, using the platform to whinge, whine and hurl insults at any and all who disagree with him.

Here we look at some of the best of the worst tweets by "The Donald".

The Best of the Worst Donald Trump Tweets

Free Press is the Enemy: 

Calling out the free press as the ‘enemy of the people’ puts you in the company of many notable people through history, including: Joseph Stalin; the Communist leader of China, Chairman Mao Zedongthe Russian Politburo; and, or course, the infamous Adolf Hitler who many might remember for such things as being the most despicable world leader in modern history.

This is obviously a group of people you would not wish to associated with in any way, let alone share an opinion with. It is very important to remember that once something goes out on Social Media it cannot be taken back, and Trump’s tweets attacking the free press and by extension, the first amendment, are damaging his credibility to the point where even his prior supporters are turning on him.

Republican senator John Mccain reacted by saying “The first thing dictators do is shut down the press” and even Chris Wallace, news anchor for the far right Media outlet Fox News, which is notably absent from Trump’s rants against the media, stated that calling the media the enemy of the people “crossed a dangerous line”. The morale of this story is that the power of Twitter to reach a huge audience quickly can backfire if you are not very careful with what you say. You can do a lot of damage with 144 characters.

Obvious Tokenism: 

This Tweet is truly cringe worthy.

Trump Twitter Tirade

From the cheesy grin and thumbs up, to the shameless self-promotion and horrendously tacked on “I love Hispanics!” this Tweet is so obviously a setup that it causes us physical pain. The fact that Trump thinks an awkward photo of him hovering over an American version of a vaguely Mexican dish, while stating he loves ‘Hispanics’ on a holiday that is strictly Mexican, not ‘Hispanic’ can override trying to build a wall to keep out the people he calls “drug dealers and rapists” is laughable.

If you are trying to appeal to a certain group of people on Social Media, do your research.

Cinco De Mayo is held on the 5th of May, and commemorates the unlikely victory of Mexican forces over the French in 1862. While the day is also used to celebrate Mexican-U.S. relations in modern times, it is certainly not something all Hispanics recognise, as Trump seems to think. What is more, lumping all Hispanics together is just another show of Trump’s ignorance and racism.

All these mistakes caused this attempt to backfire terribly with Trump catching heavy criticism over the Tweet. The moral here is don’t try and fake it. If you are not genuine, people will see right through you and your attempts to persuade them will fail and damage your reputation even further. Additionally, capitalising on holiday on Social Media can be dicey. It can be difficult to predict how your audience will respond to even the most well-intentioned tweets about a holiday. A great example of good intentions being poorly received is Starbucks and their ongoing cup controversy.

The ongoing controversy surrounding Starbucks' cups began in 2015 when they revealed their holiday takeaway cup to be nothing more than a plane red, disposable cup. While many Starbucks customers weren't particularly concerned about Starbucks' red cups, many Starbucks customers were up in arms about the apparent lack of Christmas on the coffee company's 2015 holiday cup. Many people went so far as to accuse Starbucks of declaring "war on Christmas".

2015 was only the beginning of the backlash that Starbucks would experience over their Christmas cups. 2016's holiday cup welcomed a fresh storm of criticism over the company's holiday cup. In the case of Starbucks, what started as an innocuous attempt to celebrate Christmas and the holiday season, has turned into an ongoing battle between Starbucks and those who believe the company has declared war on Christmas.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire: 

This is a classic example of one of Trump’s signature moves, which is completely fabricating information.

Donald Trump Twitter Tirade

There is no evidence at all that there was widespread voter fraud, and White House aides state that these allegations are born from Trump’s insecurity at losing the popular vote by 2.9 million. Fabricating information completely undermines your credibility, and when it comes to Social Media the credibility of your brand is everything.

Once you have been exposed as a liar, your word carries no weight and your reputation will be ruined. Always avoid lies and half truths. If you are expressing something that is purely your opinion, make sure you are very clear about it. Changing the mind of someone who believes you to be dishonest and untrustworthy is incredibly difficult, so avoid this situation in the first place by always being honest and reliable.

Completely Tactless: 

Using the tragic loss of people’s lives to pat yourself on the back is low, even for Trump.

Donal Trump on Twitter

This Tweet followed the Orlando Night Club Massacre where 50 people were killed and another 53 injured when a gunman opened fire in a crowded night club. This example of "humble-bragging" is so completely tasteless it would be unbelievable from anyone else, but for Trump it’s right in character and just par for the course.

Obviously trying to capitalise on tragedy is a big no-no on Social Media, but do we really need to point that out to anyone who isn’t a sociopath? If you must comment on news, when you do, make sure your response is within the image you want portrayed of your brand, and always keep it sensitive and compassionate. If you cannot think of a 100% inoffensive way to talk about a tragic event, or new story, don't mention it at all.

Don’t be the Trump of Your Industry

So there you have it. You did get something from Donald Trump, you got a few lessons on how NOT to use Twitter in your brand's Social Media Marketing strategy. If nothing else comes from his presidency, at least we learned a few things about how NOT to act.

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