How to Incorporate Instagram’s New Live feature into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

What is Instagram Live Stories?

Instagram’s new live video feature allows users to live stream a video from their device and broadcast this stream to their followers. When a user is broadcasting live video their followers receive a notification that they have ‘gone live’ and are invited to view the video stream in real time.

Followers who are viewing a live video are able to interact with the user who is streaming by ‘liking’ the video, or by commenting. While streaming live video you are able to interact with your followers who are viewing by replying to their comments, or by addressing them directly in real time.

Once the stream is cancelled and the broadcast ends, the video is not saved, making it a very ‘in the moment’ type of post.

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How is Instagram Live Stories different?

Instagram Live Stories is different to most other types of Social Media posts because it is only active and viewable while the stream is live. Unlike Facebook Live Video which is saved and accessible after the stream has finished recording Instagram has taken a page from Snapchat’s book and made the video only available while it is being streamed. This means that you must either be actively paying attention to Social Media, or have your device available to see the notification that a new Live Stories session has started.

Using Instagram Live Stories as a Marketing Tool

Instagram Live Stories presents some unique opportunities, and challenges, as a marketing tool.

While it is still very new it shows a lot of promise as a mechanism for very targeted and effective promotion of brands and events to audiences. The feature of only being available while the stream is running, with no opportunity to watch it back later, creates a sense of urgency for the viewer. They know that its is now or never if they want to see that content.

This makes the promotion of upcoming Live Stories essential to their success, because you need viewers to know that the content will be worth dropping whatever they are doing for. By always providing top quality content that is engaging and fun, users will be much more likely to use their time to watch your Live Stories.

The timing of your Live Story is also crucial because viewers must be in a position to view at the exact time of broadcast. This comes back to knowing your target market and knowing the times they are most active on Social Media.

When to Use Instagram Live Stories

Instagram Live Stories is best suited for creating casual, personal, and flowing interactions with groups of your followers.

For example using the feature to tour your company office or factory for a behind the scenes look leading to a Q&A would be an excellent way to engage your followers. Another example would be to showcase your stall at a trade fair or industry show, letting your audience know exactly where you are and what is on offer. Using Live Stories at a product launch gives your audience a very ‘insider’ feel by offering them access to an exclusive look at the new product, which generates conversion and fosters brand loyalty.

How to Start Using Instagram Live Stories

Above are just a few examples of what this new feature is well suited to. For a more indepth look at what Instagram Live Stories can add to your Social Media Marketing campaign contact us here.

SoBu Social Media Marketing has a team of experienced and dedicated Social Media account managers who will be happy to answer any questions you have and help you put together the perfect digital marketing strategy for your brand which incorporates the use of Instagram Live Stories.