How to Use Instagram Slideshows in Your Brand's Social Media Marketing

Instagram's latest update is one of the most requested features users have been asking for and it is FINALLY here. This week, Instagram introduced their slideshow feature.

This Instagram update allows users to share up to 10 photos and videos in one single post. Now, instead of posting a single photo, Instagram users can share an experience by creating an entire photo album in a single post that their online following can then flip through.

What's up With Instagram Slideshows?

Instagram's latest update has already rolled out to all users worldwide. 

Now, when uploading an image or video to share, a new icon invites you to 'select multiple' images or videos from your device's library. From there, you are able to select up to ten photos, videos, or any combination of the two, to share in an album that your Instagram followers will be able to swipe through.

When posting photos or videos for your Instagram slideshow, you can apply filters to all of the images at once, or you can choose to edit each image or video individually. You are also able to change the order of the images you are sharing by pressing and holding the image. 

At the moment, you are only able to post images and videos in square format. Slideshows will appear in your Instagram grid view with the first image in your slideshow as the cover photo. There is also an icon in the top, right-hand corner which shows that the post is a slideshow. When scrolling through your Instagram feed, slideshows will appear with small blue dots under the photo showing you that you can swipe to view more images.

Tips for Using Instagram Slideshow Feature for Social Media Marketing

How to Use Instagram Slideshows for Social Media Marketing

Instagram is already a Social Media Marketing platform that is rife with marketing opportunities that will help your brand or business effectively reach larger online audiences. This latest update allows for even more creativity when it comes to Social Media Marketing on Instagram.

Here are 5 basic and off-the-top-of-our-heads ideas for how your brand or business can effectively incorporate Instagram slideshows into your Social Media Marketing strategy.

Tell a Story: It is often said that a picture is worth 1,000 words. If that is true, imagine how many words 10 pictures or videos would be worth. Suffice to say: a lot! 

With Instagram's slideshow feature you can curate a selection of images and videos that tell a full and complete story through an entirely visual medium. This feature allows you to share much more information with your online audience. So, if you want to tell the story of your brand's creation, what went into your latest product, or the story of your customers' experience with your brand, you can do this in a single post with Instagram's new feature.

Introduce New Products or Services: With Instagram's latest update, you will be able to offer a much more in depth introduction to your brand's products or services.

By incorporating Instagram's slideshow feature in your brand's Social Media Marketing strategy, you can create posts which offer a detailed description of the latest products or services your brand offers. When creating an Instagram album dedicated to your product or service, you can include a short video of your product, followed by a description of the value that product or service will add to the lives of your brand's Instagram audience. You could also include a short video of one of your customers or clients describing their experience with your new product or service.

Create Instruction Manuals: For more complex products, it is inevitable that your customers will throwout or misplace the instruction manuals for products they have purchased. With Instagram's latest update, your brand or business can ace customer service by creating a slideshow that acts as an instruction manual for your products.

Creating slideshows which explain how your products work is also an excellent way to engage your audience and show them precisely how your product will add value to their lives. It also helps to engage Instagram users who have already purchased your brand's product as your instruction manual might also introduce new features that your followers didn't know your product had which will help them fall in love with your brand's products all over again.

Share a Single Image in a Creative Way: A recent trend on Instagram, has been to share large images in segments so that the larger picture is apparent only when viewing an Instagram feed in grid view. With Instagram's latest update, you can do the same thing, but, rather than viewing the image in grid view, your audience can flip through your slideshow to see segments of a much larger image.

Sharing a large image in this way also opens the door to holding fun contests. Ask your audience to identify what the image segments come together to create. Contests are a fun way to engage your audience and to reward them for following your brand or business on Instagram. You could also use the new slideshow feature to share panoramic photos or images. Sharing an image in this way will allow your followers a more detailed look at the images or photos that you are sharing with them.

Give Your Audience a Closer Look at Your Event: When it comes to sharing on Instagram, it is very possible to "overshare". Posting multiple pictures back-to-back can flood your followers' Instagram feeds and cause them to disentangle themselves from your brand by unfollowing you.

With Instagram's slideshow feature, you can share a lot more with your audience without becoming spammy. Instead of sharing an ongoing series of photos from an event or important moment that you want your Instagram audience to experience with you, you can post a series of photos in a slideshow so your audience gets the same amount of information and experiences the excitement that your photos convey, without your brand flooding their Instagram timeline.

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