Introducing Pinterest Lens

Here at SoBu Social Media Marketing, we're very excited about Social Media Marketing on Pinterest. It is our favourite Social Media platform, and we're always keen to add value to the brands that we work with by leveraging Pinterest's powerful marketing features to garner engagement with online audiences. Being that Pinterest is our favourite Social Media platform, there is a great deal of excitement around the office whenever a new feature is added. We were really excited when Pinterest announced Search Ads, earlier this week and we're equally excited about their latest search feature.

Pinterest has introduced a new visual search tool, Lens, and we can't wait to try it!

Pinterest Lens

What is Pinterest Lens?

Pinterest Lens is similar to the now antiquated mobile app Google released in 2014 called Google Goggles. The app will turn your mobile device's camera into a search bar. With a simple picture, you will be able to pull up related images and products in Pinterest.

For example, if you see someone walking down the street with a pair of shoes on that you're really into, you'll be able to snap a picture of the shoes with Pinterest Lens and the visual search app will search Pinterest for similar images. Given Pinterest's high level of retail integration, users will be able to go from Pinterest directly into purchasing the item they are interested in.

Pinterest Lens will make it easier for users to find products that they love on the Social Media platform and to new app is another way that Pinterest is integrating retail features in their platform.

How Does Pinterest Lens Work?

Pinterest Lens is still in BETA testing and isn't quite ready to be rolled out yet, but Pinterest has released an informative video as well as some teaser GIFs of what can be expected from their new tool which they are dubbing a 'visual discovery tool'. 

From the information that Pinterest has made available so far, it looks like Pinterest Lens will use your mobile device's camera to capture objects in a circular frame of focus. The app will then come up with a selection of tags that are relevant to the image as well as a whole host of pins featuring similar images and relevant tags.

Pinterest Lens was first mentioned by Pinterest back in June of 2016, when they announced that they would be working on improvements to their visual search features

What Does Pinterest Lens Mean for Social Media Marketing?

While Pinterest Lens is still only in BETA testing, the new search feature, like most of Pinterest's features, is showing significant promise for digital marketing. 

With Pinterest Lens, your brand's products will be searchable just by being present in someone's home, or worn by someone on the street. It goes beyond influencer marketing, which relies on word-of-mouth advertising from an authoritative and trusted source, and is as simple as, if you like it, take a picture of it, find it on Pinterest and then buy it.

Pinterest Lens doesn't stop at home decor and wearable fashion, you can also use their updated visual search feature to find delicious food. Snapping a picture of a food item, say carrots for example, will return a list of delicious recipes that include that ingredient.

With the latest update to Pinterest's search tool, it is even more important to ensure that your brand, and all of your brand's products, are represented on Pinterest. The potential to increase your visibility with the Social Media platform's new search feature is phenomenal.

To learn more about the forthcoming visual discovery tool from Pinterest, check out their blog.