Our 3 Favourite Social Media Marketing Campaigns of 2016

In a recent post, we shared our list of the Biggest Social Media Marketing Blunders of 2016 and shared our thoughts on what could be learned from these Social Media missteps. While there is a lot that can be learned from supposed failure and perceived poor judgement in marketing, there is even more that can be learned from successful Social Media Marketing as well.

So SoBu Social Media Marketing, we are consistently inspired by some great Social Media Marketing campaigns. We keep a running list of some of our favourite Social Media Marketing campaigns on Pinterest. The creativity and ingenuity of other professionals in our industry is a constant source of motivation and inspiration in our own work and the work that we do for our clients. We are routinely amazed by what the minds of other's in our industry come up with and we are grateful to be in an industry with so much room for creativity and ingenuity.

Today, we wanted to celebrate some of our favourite Social Media Marketing campaigns from 2016. These campaign not only inspired us, but touched our hearts as well. 

The Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns of 2016

#GayTurtle - Amnesty International

In an effort to show the absurdity of homophobia, Amnesty International launched a campaign set in a pet shop in Turkey. In a powerful YouTube video, the customers expressed interest in purchasing a turtle, and began bonding with the turtles that were available for purchase. The pet shop's attendant then goes on to inform the customer that the turtle they are interested in purchasing is gay. The video documents the customers' reactions upon learning that the turtle they had previously bonded with was gay. As the viewer watches customer after customer walk away, there is a mounting sense of frustration, because what does it matter if the turtle is gay?

At the end of the video, we find out the the customers in the video were actors and that their responses to finding out that the turtle they wanted to purchase was gay, were real lines uttered to gay people in Turkey. The takeaway from the commercial is that it's absurd to care if a turtle is gay AND it's absurd to hate a human because they're gay. We love the tag: "Love is Love. Hate is a choice." It's a very pointing message that hit home for us and for the large audience that Amnesty International's campaign reached.

Watch the powerful video here:

#WorthSaying - L'Oreal Paris

In conjunction with the 2016 Golden Globe Awards, L'Oreal Paris launched their #WorthSaying campaign. This Social Media Marketing campaign was designed to encourage women to speak openly and honestly about issues that were important to them and close to their hearts. 

Speaking of the brand's Social Media campaign, L'Oreals Paris's president, Karen Fondu, said:

"L'Oreal Paris has always believed in the individual beauty and intrinsic worth of all women. The #WorthSaying campaign is rooted in the brand's iconic tagline 'because you're worth it', and the idea that all women have something to say."
Jennifer Lopez #WorthSaying

The #WorthSaying campaign leveraged the power of influencer marketing with Jennifer Lopez starting the hashtag online in a powerful Instagram post. The campaign was extremely well received, and, even though the Golden Globes have come and gone for the year, the hashtag lives on and is still in use across a number of Social Media platforms.

Social Media Marketing campaigns like this one have become all the more important and pertinent in light of the political and social upheaval in America at the moment since Trump has risen to power in their country. We hope to see even more campaigns like this one, in the year ahead. Now, more than ever, it is important for brands to take a stand in their Social Media Marketing campaigns and to give a voice to those who need to be heard.



#ShareYourEars - Disney & The Make a Wish Foundation

Our favourite Social Media Marketing campaigns are the ones rooted in charity and a good cause. Disney's recent Social Media Marketing campaign, the #ShareYourEars campaign was not only creative and effective, it helped to raise money for a good and worth cause.

The idea behind the campaign is to raise money for The Make a Wish Foundation while promoting Disney as well. To participate, all audiences had to do was post a picture of themselves wearing Disney's iconic Mickey Mouse Ears and include the hashtag #ShowYourEars. For every post shared, Disney would donate $5 to the Make a Wish Foundation.

The campaign was hugely successful and within just a few days, Disney had donated more than $2 million to The Make a Wish Foundation even though Disney had said, and the start of the campaign, they would cap their donation to $1 million. 

You can see what the #ShareYourEars campaign was all about here:

Our favourite thing about Disney's #ShareYourEars Social Media Marketing campaign, is that with it, Disney was able to inspire their audience through charity. At SoBu Social Media Marketing, we encourage all of our clients to engage audiences, not through self-promotions, but by making a change within their community and sharing the causes they are most passionate about with their online audience through Social Media.

SoBu Social Media Marketing

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What are your thoughts on the best Social Media Marketing campaigns of 2016? Which ones did we miss? Let us know in the comments.