Pinterest’s New Feature Search Ads Follows in Google’s footsteps.

Pinterest is rolling out a new feature that has caught the interest of digital marketers everywhere, and that feature is Search Ads. Like Google’s similar feature, these paid advertisements will appear at the top of Pinterest's search engine results page, but instead of the text based ads of Google, Pinterest will provide primarily image based ads in keeping with the aesthetics of the platform.

How are Search Ads different?

Pinterest currently has paid advertising based on keywords, but these ads show up alongside the search results in a similar way to banner advertising on websites.

Pinterest Search Ads

The new style of Search Ads are presented amongst the search results and appear far more relevant than separate banner ads. By placing the Ads in the search results they are perceived as being more of an answer to a query, rather than standard bolted on advertising. This leads to a greater click-through rate, increased conversion and ultimately, more sales than standard banner advertising.  

How is Pinterest Different?

Pinterest is perfectly set-up for advertising products because it is mainly used to search for ideas and inspiration. Users seek out anything from wedding dress ideas to recipes for kid-friendly road trip snacks, and with a reach of over 150 million unique users every month, that amounts to a huge number of searches, and exposure to a massive pool of potential customers.

In fact over half of Pinterest’s activity consists of searches, with over 2 billion per month, which is far higher than any other Social Media platform. To take this point even further, because 97% of Pinterest searches do not include a specific brand, this creates the perfect climate for marketing products.

What type of Advertising Should I Run on Pinterest?

The aesthetic style of Pinterest's Search Ads makes them much more appealing than Google’s Search Ads.

With the ability to design eye-catching and unique ads using Pinterest’s highly visual style, you can create ads that draw the attention of your target audience and garner more attention for your brand. By carefully crafting your Advertisements to suit your audience you will greatly increase engagement and on Pinterest. On Pinterest, engagement is much more likely to lead to conversion, than on any other Social Media platform.

How Will Search Ads be Packaged?

Pinterest will offer their Search Ads packages with objective based pricing. You will be able to pay for impressions, pin clicks, or for engagements.

In the context of Social Media, impressions refer to any time an advertisement is fetched by a search query. Whether the ad is clicked or not is not factored into the equation.

Pin clicks are fairly self explanatory in that it is exactly what it sounds like, you pay for every time a user clicks on your ad.

Engagement has a quite broad definition in Social Media, but on Pinterest it will mean that you pay for every time a user repins or comments on your advertisement.

This pricing structure allows you to choose what works best for your particular product, so that you gain the maximum exposure possible for your brand, while only paying for when your advertisement is actually working for you.  

Keep an Eye Out for Pinterest Search Ads, Coming to a Country Near You

As Pinterest rolls out their new advertising feature it will become available to more and more countries. With the size of audience and pricing structure available, Search Ads on Pinterest will prove to be a very cost effective and successful way to promote products and brands.

If you have any questions about how to take advantage of this new advertising opportunity contact SoBu Social Media Marketing here. One of our account managers will be happy to answer your questions and give you advice on how this new feature can best benefit your particular brand.