The “Secret” to Getting Your Content Seen

Your brand or business produces great content. You take the time necessary to ensure that your blog posts, LinkedIn updates and tweets add value to your target audience. You’ve taken all the steps that you need to take to get your content creation on track, and yet, as incredible as your content is, it’s not getting seen by the large audience that it deserves. What do you do? How do you make sure that the content you are creating, and the time you are investing in this content, doesn’t end up wasted?

If you want to expand your brand’s footprint and get your content “out there” and seen by a larger audience, you need to tap into one resource that is common amongst all businesses and bands - your team of employees.

Encourage Your Employees to Share Your Content

Encouraging your team to share your business’ content might seem like a no-brainer. You might even think that they are already sharing the content you are creating. The truth is, unless you have cultivated a relationship with your employees that would encourage them to share your brand’s content on their own Social Media profiles, they probably aren’t already doing that.

Instead of assuming that your team is already sharing your content, it is important that you invest time in encouraging everyone, from your management team to your newest intern, to share your content.

Why You Should Ask Your Employees to Share Your Content

Prioritisation: Social Media sites, especially Facebook and LinkedIn, were built for people and not marketers, believe it or not. The reason this is important to note when it comes to content marketing, is that, these Social Media platforms prioritise content posted by people, over content that is posted by a page or brand.

With this in mind, your business’ goal should be to get people to share your content on their personal Social Media platforms. Coincidentally, your team of employees are people, and chances are, they have person Facebook and LinkedIn pages. When your team posts your content on their personal profiles, that content will receive almost double the impressions of the exact same content posted on a business or brand page on the same Social Media platform.

Trust: When it comes to marketing your brand or business effectively, few marketing avenues serve your bottom line better than word-of-mouth advertising. This doesn’t mean, advertising from your mouth, this is advertising from people who have used your products or services before and love it.

When your team of employees shares your brand’s content on their personal Social Media profiles, that share serve as a personalised endorsement for your brand or business. This personalised endorsement is a more trustworthy picture of your brand than what you are sharing on Social Media, as it amounts to word-of-mouth advertising.

How to Encourage Your Team to Share Your Content

Coming up with an effective strategy for getting your team to share your brand’s content will depend largely upon the type of relationship you have with your employees.

A team of engaged and inspired employees will readily share your content with pride. A team of disconnected or under-valued employees will be less enthusiastic when it comes to promoting your brand or business with on their personal Social Media profiles. A group of disenfranchised employees will likely balk at the idea of tying themselves to your brand or business any more than they have to in order to earn a pay cheque.

With this is mind, the best way to get your team to share your content is to keep them engaged by fostering a dynamic relationship between your brand and your employees. What we mean by this is, essentially, you should market your brand to your employees in the same way that you would market yourself to potential customers and clients. A great example of this sort of “internal marketing”, is Lululemon.

If your business or brand already has a carefully cultivated culture of connectedness, you can encourage your employees to share your content by:

Adding A Social Feature To Your Intranet: Many brands and businesses make excellent use of their intranet for internal communication which leads this space to be a resource that team members make use of every day. Embedding a social feature on your company’s intranet is a great way to engage your team members and to encourage them to share your content.

Adding a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other Social Media feed, to your intranet keeps your employees apprised of what your brand or business is saying online. This helps to cultivate a feeling of belonging within your organisation and also provides an opportunity for you to ask your team to share your content.

Email Communications: If your company doesn’t have an internal e-newsletter yet, we highly recommend you start one. An internal e-newsletter is a great way to get your team engaged and involved. It is also an effective tool for sharing with your employees, to let them know what your brand is sharing with your online audience.

In your company’s internal e-newsletter, add a section with a featured post and ask your team to share that post on their personal Social Media profiles.

Be Mindful of Your Team’s Time: When it comes to asking your employees to share your company’s content on their Social Media profiles, it’s important to take into account your team’s time and to be respectful of how much time you are asking them to devote to sharing your content. Avoid asking them to share all of your business’ Tweets, or every blog that you’ve ever posted.

Instead, ask your team to invest their time in sharing a single, important post. This is a much smaller ask than asking your team to share copious amounts of corporate content to their personal Facebook profiles.

Ask. Never Tell: If you have cultivated a healthy bond with your brand’s team, this isn’t likely something you have to worry about, but it is worth mentioning just in case. If you want your team to share your content, ASK them to share it, don’t TELL them to share it. While not all of your employees will share your content because you ask them to, they will share your content because they want to and this is far more likely to be a positive share which garners greater engagement.

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