What Entrepreneurship Means to Me

To stay on the cutting edge of our industry, it is important that myself, and our team here at SoBu Social Media Marketing keep up with the latest trends in Social Media and digital marketing. To this end, we have a bit of a ritual here in the office. When everyone arrives at 8AM, we find ourselves a comfy spot in our break room, pull out our iPads and spend the next hour pouring over online articles pertaining to the latest trends and updates in the world for SEO and digital marketing.

Entrepreneurship Quote

This morning, one of my colleagues had e-mailed me an article in which 15 experts weighed in on what it means to be an entrepreneur. It's a bit of an older article, from March of 2016, but I really enjoyed reading what entrepreneurship means to people, like myself, who have blazed their own trail through the business world. The article also got me thinking, what does entrepreneurship mean to me?

What Does it Mean to Be an Entrepreneur?

In my social circles, and at networking events, I am constantly asked what I do for a living. When I tell people that I am the Principle Partner at a medium-sized digital marketing firm that I co-founded with three very talented individuals, I am often met with praise for being bold, taking risks and striking out on my own to build something for myself. 

For me, however, creating SoBu Social Media Marketing wasn't about taking risks. It wasn't about building something for myself. For me, and for my three partners in SoBu, Denise, Val and Sean, SoBu Social Media Marketing is all about adding real value to the small to medium-sized businesses and brands that we work with. It is also about fostering an environment in which talented and creative digital marketing professionals can work for the betterment of our clients, in a workplace that is dedicated to our team's growth and development.

The Inspiration Behind SoBu Social Media Marketing

A large part of what inspired the founding of SoBu Social Media Marketing back in 2014, was the realisation, on the part of myself and my partners in SoBu, that the Social Media Marketing industry was overrun with what we call "smoke and mirrors marketers". These are the professionals in our industry who use a lot of jargon, call themselves wizards and trump up reports, filled with useless and irrelevant metrics to pull the wool over their clients' eyes and claim their marketing efforts a success.

Another huge piece of inspiration that went into the founding of SoBu Social Media Marketing, and one that is close to my heart, was the desire to cultivate a workplace full of creative individuals where we could mentor our team and facilitate their growth within the digital marketing industry. 

Developing the SoBu Social Media Marketing Team

At SoBu Social Media Marketing, we guarantee our clients a boutique experience by keeping our Social Media account manager to client ratio at 1:1. This means, as our client base grows, so to does our team. This leads to constant new additions to SoBu Social Media Marketing and means that we are forever conducting interviews to fill new Social Media account management positions here at our firm.

Over the years, what I have learned, is to start every interview that I conduct asking a potential new team member about their goals. I don't want to just know about their professional goals, or what they hope to accomplish at SoBu Social Media Marketing, I want to get a feel for them, their dreams and their ambitions. When a candidate joins the SoBu team, I considerate my duty to facilitate their growth in order to help them realise their goals and dreams.

Entrepreneurship is All About Mentorship

What I am saying, in far too many words, is that to me, entrepreneurship is all about mentorship. Creating an environment conducive to nurturing and growing budding professionals who will, yes, one day leave the nest with all the tools and knowledge that SoBu has invested in them, is what it means to me, to be an entrepreneur.