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SoBu Digital

SoBu exists for small businesses and sole-traders. We work exclusively with small enterprises and small business owners to help them build and nurture a digital presence in an effort to reach their business goals and win new clients and customers. 

We are a Newcastle-based company which means we are located in the same timezone of the people and businesses we work with. This allows us to be quick and responsive to our clients' needs. We are always here when you need us, whether it's to solve problems that arise, build an ad hoc digital campaign, or just to grab a coffee and have a chat. We work with businesses throughout the Newcastle Region and all over the Hunter Valley. We also offer our services in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs.

Digital Marketing Services For Small Businesses And Sole-Traders

SoBu operates under three main branches which are: SoBu Digital, SoBu Creative and SoBu Social. Under the banner of SoBu Digital, we offer web design, digital marketing, website management, SEO, SEM and email marketing services. Under the banner of SoBu Creative, we provide content strategy, content development, blogging, campaign building, copywriting, photography and video creation services. Operating under the banner of SoBu Social, we provide comprehensive social media marketing services which include Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. We also offer influencer marketing services in which we pair-up small businesses with relevant influencers in their niche.

Perfectly Tailored Digital Marketing Packages

As a small business ourselves, we understand the changing and flippant nature of small businesses. We understand that, at times, you will require a full compliment of digital marketing services, and at other times, you will need only a minimum of support. With your business' changing needs in mind, SoBu offers customisable digital marketing packages which can be perfectly tailored to meet your business' needs. We offer ongoing support, and we make ourselves available for ad hoc work as well.

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