Social Media is the most powerful and effective way to reach your audience and build a meaningful relationship based on trust and brand loyalty. Australians spend nearly 30% of their time engaging on Social Media sites so if your brand isn’t represented across various Social Media platforms, you risk losing customers and clients to your competitors who are already interacting with the online audience.


An effective and carefully measured approach to Social Media Marketing includes targeting and building a relevant audience, interacting in a meaningful way with your fans, sharing relevant and engaging content, and using strategic implementation of paid Social Media advertising. It is also essential to carefully monitor and interpret the relevant analytics, and develop creative Social Media campaign ideation and effective implementation based upon analytics and KPIs, and strategic influencer marketing to get your product in the right hands and spread your message across Social Media.


Social Media Marketing is so much more than just acquiring followers. While, growing your fan base and follower count is a part of what Social Media Marketing can do for your brand, engagement and conversion is a more poignant metric for determining the success of your Social Media Marketing endeavours. 

By utilising powerful analytic software as the basis of a Social Media strategy which includes quality content curation and creation, targeted hashtag strategy, strategic use of Social Media advertising, implementation of influencer campaigns, engaging community management, and reputation management, SoBu Social Media Marketing delivers community growth which translates into conversion, brand loyalty and increased market share. 


SoBu Social Media Marketing has the pleasure of representing key brands across a number of facets of the Holistic, Alternative Healing and Natural Wellness industries. We specialise in meeting the unique needs of brands in these industries and have achieved results we can be proud of for all of our clients.

To find out how SoBu Social Media Marketing can take your brand beyond followers, we invite you to contact us here. One of our Social Media account managers will be happy to answer any question you might have. We will ensure that all online enquiries receive a response within 24 hours.