Social Media Marketing is much more than just acquiring followers. While fan and follower growth is one metric by which you can determine the success of a Social Media Marketing campaign and your brand’s online impact, measuring the engagement of your audience is a far more reliable metric and the strongest indicator of the success of your Social Media Marketing efforts. 

Focusing on the engagement your brand gets; that is to say, focusing on the way online audiences interact with your Social Media persona and the content that is shared; and creating a fluid, malleable marketing plan based on what resonates with audiences, offers a greater R.O.I. than simply counting the number of people who clicked the “Like” or “Follow” button on your brand’s page.


SoBu’s analytics-focused approach to Social Media Marketing centres on the way that audiences interact with your brand on the micro level by looking at the success of each Social Media post across all platforms individually. Assessing the success of each post offers a clear direction for future posts and paves the way for ongoing growth through evolution.


Our goal with community management is to not only grow your following and increase engagement, but also to ensure that your message is consistent and resonates with your audience on a personal level, and fosters strong brand loyalty among your customers.

To ensure that your followers are deeply invested in your brand, SoBu encourages engagement and interaction by networking with your brand’s audience. We ensure that each time someone reaches out to your brand, we respond with an on-brand message to ensure consistency. We respond to each review, each comment and thank people for their dedication to you in order to show your audience that their loyalty is appreciated.


In order to deliver on our promises and to ensure that our analytics-based Social Media Marketing strategy works for you, we have an entire team of Social Media professionals dedicated to effective community management. Our team quickly responds to enquiries, comments, questions and reviews, both negative and positive, to ensure that your audience stays loyal to you brand.

For more information on how our SoBu will take your brand beyond followers, we invite you to contact us here. One of our Social Media Marketing account managers will be happy to answer any question you might have. All enquiries will be responded to within 24 hours.