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SoBu Content Strategy And Creation

SoBu is all about helping small businesses grow, achieve their objectives and to reach new customers by building and nurturing an online presence. Content development is one of the many services we offer to small businesses and sole-traders throughout Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and beyond, in order to help them get noticed online. Like all of the services provided by SoBu, our content development services are available at an affordable price.

The reason we are able to provide all of our services at lower prices then other agencies and digital marketing company's in Australia, is that we believe in the businesses we work with and our passion is helping them reach their goals.

Content Creation And Curation For Small Businesses

Content development involves both content creation and curation. The content creation and curation services provided by SoBu Creative work to share your business' story in an engaging and cohesive narrative. The content that we create for the people and businesses that we work with spans a variety of types of media and digital mediums. We develop written content in the forms of blogging and copywriting. We also write, produce and edit video content. Additionally, we can handle your businesses' photography needs. We can create, and edit unique photos which will make your businesses' website standout online.

In addition to writing and visual content, SoBu creates infographics and brand assets (visual marketing material which features your business' logo) which serve to inform and engage online audiences. All of this works to increase your business' reach online and helps to attract new customers and clients.

Engaging Content With A WOW! Factor

The content that SoBu Creative produces and creates for you and your small business includes unique, attractive photography, graphic design, one-of-a-kind artwork, well-written and engaging blogs and copywriting, and so much more. We implement a carefully planned out approach to creating content for your business, all of which is built in accordance with the content strategy we developed for your business. By carefully planning and implementing a strategic approach to content development, we produce content that resonates with your business' customers and wows online audiences, thereby broadening your business' reach and potential customer base.

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