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SoBu Content Strategy And Creation

SoBu is built for small businesses and sole-traders. We work with businesses throughout Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and beyond, to grow their business, realise their goals and win new customers and clients by developing and growing an online presence. Our vision for SoBu is to offer digital marketing services at affordable prices in order to make it easy and affordable for local small businesses to realise their vision. 

A large part of digital marketing is the development of a content strategy. Developing a content strategy will help in the creation of complimentary content which serves to advance your business' goal and to grow your online audience.

Starting With a Content Strategy And Building Purpose

A content strategy is a plan for what types of content we will create for your business and how we will spread the word about your business. At its very core, developing a content strategy is all about carefully outlining the purpose of the content we will be creating and sharing online. Determining the purpose builds the foundation of the content marketing campaigns we will create for your business. 

Developing a robust content strategy involves careful planning of what we will be sharing with your business' online customers, and what types of media we will be using to reach your audience. By starting with a content strategy, we can be sure that everything shared on your business' behalf is well-thought-out and designed to target people who will be interested in you, your business and the products and services you offer. When we create a content strategy for your business, we will include copywriting, campaign building, blogging, and video creation in order to engage the most users possible.

A Content Strategy That Stands Out

By carefully outlining the purpose of the content we will produce for you, your business and your online audience, we help your business garner a competitive edge when it comes to digital marketing and standing out online.

While your business is built on a novel idea, the chances are, there are other small businesses offering products and services which are similar to the ones you offer. The purpose of content is to help your business standout so that online customers will see the intrinsic value of your products and services above everyone else's. When we start content marketing with a content strategy, we are able to ensure that every piece of content created for your business helps you stand out amidst all of the other businesses online.

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