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What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a type of marketing which promotes businesses and brands through electronic platforms and media. Digital marketing differs greatly from traditional marketing in several ways, and one of the largest and most useful differences is track-ability. Due to the nature of digital media every view, click and purchase that happens online can be tracked and recorded, and this creates a wealth of invaluable data for marketing professionals. We use this data to accurately measure the impact and effectiveness of every aspect of each digital marketing campaign in real time, so we can focus on what works, and not waste any time and resources on things that don't. Additionally, digital marketing allows for a much more targeted approach to marketing that is both cost-effective and powerful. Rather than promoting your business to a large audience, digital marketing allows for targeted campaigns aimed at audiences who are more likely to be interested in a business' products and services.

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Who Needs Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is advantageous for all businesses, organisation and brands. Whether you are a small business, a large business, a nonprofit, or a sole-trader, digital marketing will help your business grow. Digital marketing also provides businesses a way to develop and nurture a close relationship with their customers and clients. This personalised relationship leads to a high degree of loyalty from customers and inspires online audiences to share business' content with their own audience. This serves to grow your potential audience size exponentially as your content and message spreads through digital channels such as social media. 

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How Are SoBu Digital's Services Different?

SoBu is all about small businesses and sole-traders. It's not that SoBu digital marketing services are different, in fact, it's quite the opposite. SoBu offers digital marketing services as well as web-design and development services which are comparable to those offered by larger agencies throughout Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. The key difference is the cost of our services. SoBu Digital has developed a business model which allows us to offer digital marketing services at a cost that is far-below what businesses pay for similar services provided by other agencies. 

SoBu is able to offer our services at substantially less because we are a two-person team, Britten Thompson and Sean McClellan. Having dedicated ourselves to the careful development of our digital marketing and web design skills, we are able to offer all of our services in-house, without needing to bring in outside contractors or outsource tasks overseas. We have done all of this in order to be able to bring digital marketing to small businesses and sole-traders. Our passion is helping the people and businesses that we work with to attain their business objectives and to find success through increased awareness brought about by the digital marketing efforts we undertake on our clients' behalf.

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What Is Included In SoBu Digital's Web-Design Packages?

When you enlist SoBu digital to build your small business' website, we deliver a complete package that contains everything you need to take your business into the digital market. This includes a website, site hosting, domain name and a professional email address, all included in our price. There are no hidden fees or additional charges for the set-up of your website. Our promise to you is this,  what we quote for our work is exactly what we charge.

Also included with our web-design and development packages is the website build, copywriting, graphic design and everything else needed for your website to go live. We also include, free of charge, sample blogs which help to improve your website's SEO at the time that it goes live. We whole-heartedly believe in the power and importance of blogging which is why, when we build websites for our clients, we go the extra-mile and include free sample blogs.

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Who Does SoBu Digital Build Website's For?

SoBu Digital exists for small businesses and sole-traders. We exclusively work with small enterprises in order to give them a leg-up in business by providing the same level of service available from large agencies, but at significantly lower costs. 

SoBu Digital is selective about who we work with. We operate in this capacity not because we are exclusive, but because, when we work with a small business, we pour our hearts into the work we complete for them. Our labour intensive approach to digital marketing is fuelled by our passion for helping small businesses realise their goals. Our business model also means that we are only able to take on limited new business. This necessitates a level of pickiness with regards to the people and businesses that we work with. While this might sound snobbish, what it means for the people and business that we work with is that you get all of us when you enlist our services.

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What Other Services Does SoBu Offer?

SoBu is all about small business and sole-traders. Our passion and purpose is helping local businesses grow, reach their goals and win new businesses through digital marketing and beyond. To help you and your business, we are pleased to offer digital marketing and design services, content strategy, creation and implementation, as well as services designed for small businesses.

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