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Search engine marketing, or SEM, involves promoting your website by increasing its visibility to search engines such a Google. SEM typically involves paid advertising, most notably, Google AdWords. Google AdWords allows businesses to reach new audiences by displaying advertisements on Google's search engine results page and on Google's advertising network. With AdWords, advertisers set a budget for their ads and bid on keywords so their advertisement will be displayed to users who are within their target audience. 

When comparing SEM and Google advertising to traditional advertising, SEM offers a more cost-effective way to reach targeted audiences. It also allows advertisers to measure the effectiveness and success of their advertising campaigns.

SEM And AdWords For Small Businesses

When it comes to designing and developing advertisements, and implementing paid advertising to increase your website's visibility on Google, SoBu works with small businesses and sole-traders to develop a powerful and cost-effective campaign which will drive traffic to their website and help them win new customers and clients.

As experts in search engine marketing, SoBu ensures that all of the people and businesses that we work with get the most for their advertising dollars. We maximise your budget by targeting the right audience for your small business with expert precision, and by closely monitoring the effectiveness of each advertisement through analytics, we run with what works best for your individual situation. 

Helping Small Businesses Grow

SoBu Digital was created for small businesses and sole-traders. Our passion is your success and that is why we work tirelessly for the people and businesses that we work with in order to build and maintain an online presence that serves to help you reach your business goals and to win new clients and customers. As with all of the services SoBu Digital offers, we provide SEM services at an affordable price.

We're also located right here in Newcastle which means we are close and available for you when you need us. SoBu offers our services as part of ongoing monthly plans or can be hired on an ad hoc basis.

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