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Your small business' website is the starting point of your digital marketing efforts and digital marketing success. You website needs to be attractive, functional, responsive and filled with useful and unique content that accurately reflects your small business and the products and services that you offer. 

Until now, a high-quality and responsive website was inaccessible to many small businesses and sole-traders due to the cost of planning and building a website. SoBu has changed all of that. 

Designed For Bright Ideas Built From Small Beginnings

SoBu exists for small businesses and sole-traders. It is our goal to be able to provide the same level of service you would receive from a large web-development agency, but at the lowest cost possible, without outsourcing the work to overseas companies. SoBu is able to provide low-cost and high-quality services because we are a two person team who has trained and worked tirelessly to develop and perfect the expertise and skills necessary to build attractive and responsive websites that help small business owners enter the digital age. 

Our web design packages include more than just building the site itself. We also include all of the copywriting your website will need, any photography and photo editing that may be required, video development and editing when possible, and, we include pertinent blog posts to get you started and help your website rank on Google. What this all means is that, when we hand you a quote for your website, that is the final amount. There are no add-ons, and there won't be any surprises or hidden costs. Not only that, but when we hand your website over to you, you'll receive a complete website that's ready to go.

Web Design In Newcastle

All of the services that SoBu provides are carried out by our two person team, Britten Thompson and Sean McClellan. We're located right here in Newcastle which means when our clients need us, we're able to respond quickly and effectively. 

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