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Designed For Bright Ideas Built From Small Beginnings

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SoBu Digital Marketing And Design

SoBu's journey is all about our clients and that is where our story begins - with YOU.

At the time that SoBu came about, we found that the digital marketing industry was rife with self-proclaimed digital marketing and social media marketing gurus, ninjas, wizards and wingmen. These so-called experts claimed to have all the answers when it came to creating a digital presence that translated to a successful marketing avenue for the businesses they worked with. While working as private contractors for other digital marketing businesses, SoBu worked with many of these so-called wizards and, unfortunately for the people and the businesses that paid good money to these wizards, their promises of success turned out to be as fictional as Gandalf. While many wizards had great ideas, their plans fell short of resonating with online audiences and there was no proper measure in place to demonstrate how the digital marketing strategy of these wizards was performing.

Seeing that, time and time again, businesses were signing on with digital marketing companies with great ideas but little substance and no means of measuring the success of their efforts, SoBu sought out a way to use digital marketing to add real value to the businesses that we have the privilege of woking with. In particular, we wanted to help small business and sole-traders make the transition into the digital world. We also wanted to find a way to do this as affordably and accessibly as possible.

Digital Marketing For Small Businesses and Sole-Traders

SoBu Digital was born out of the desire to add real, tangible value to the small businesses that we work with. At the core of this desire was being able to offer our services at affordable prices in order to minimise the perceived risk to the small business and sole-traders throughout Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and beyond. In order to realise this goal, SoBu's founders, Britten Thompson and Sean McClellan, embarked on a journey to up-skill themselves in order to be able to offer a full compliment of digital marketing, digital design and creative services to the people and businesses that we work with. This journey has lead us to be able to provide web design, website and domain management, SEO and SEM, and a full compliment of creative services, all in house. The added benefit is that when you talk to us, you are speaking with the person who will be designing the pages, writing the code, editing the images and creating the content for your website, so nothing will be lost in translation between you, a sales person, and an offshore contractor. 

What this means for our customers is that, when you hire SoBu Digital to build your website, you are not only choosing a local business to tend to your digital marketing needs, you're also choosing to work with a local Hunter Valley business that will be responsible for carrying out all facets of your business' digital marketing strategy and implementation. Operating is this way allows us to provide our customers and clients with first-class service, responsiveness and personalised, local, Hunter Valley services.

Designed For Bright Ideas Built From Small Beginnings

SoBu Digital exists for small businesses and sole-traders. Our passion and our purpose is helping small businesses realise their goals and aspirations by developing an online presence. 

With our passion and our purpose in mind, SoBu Digital is selective about the people and the businesses that we work with. That is not to say that we are exclusive. Rather, here at SoBu, we pour our hearts into the digital marketing and digital design services that we offer and that means, in order to thrive, we need to work with people and businesses we believe in. All of the people and businesses that SoBu Digital has had the pleasure of working with, are ones with extraordinary and exemplary vision. Our customers believe in giving back and in helping them to realise the potential that digital marketing offers in terms of helping them help others, we are able to fulfil our own desire to give back.

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