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In the world of social media marketing, not all social media users are created equally. There are those who standout thanks to their engaging content which has attracted a large number of people to follow them and become their fans,  the group of followers is known as their 'circle of influence'. These "popular" social media users are what we refer to as influencers and they wield considerable power when it comes to the purchasing decisions of their followers. 

The Social Media Affect

Previously, purchasing decisions were made based on exciting advertisements. Before social media, product reviews were lies printed on a product's packaging, or a misleading and over-dramatised infomercial. In a world of print marketing, word-of-mouth was a far more reliable way to ensure that you were investing in a quality product or service that would perform that way you wanted it to.

As social media became more and more mainstream, however, it changed the way that people made purchasing decisions. Not only did social media give rise to paid and targeted advertising, it also connects to consumers through product reviews, tutorials and the sharing of the first person experience with a given product or service. This sort of marketing is like advertising without advertising. It is more akin to word-of-mouth recommendations from a friend or family-member than it is to traditional advertising and marketing. 

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing In The Digital Age

YouTube was the birth place of the social media influencer. It was on YouTube that makeup and beauty enthusiasts began sharing their experience using different products. This first-person experience resonated with audiences as it helped to develop trust akin to that of word-of-mouth advertising. In the way that in the 80's you neighbour might tell you how happy they were with their vacuum cleaner, Dulce Candy, a beauty vlogger, might give a particular type of eyeliner a good review, demonstrate a few ways to use the eyeliner and it will garner the same level of familiarity and trust as the interaction you might have had with your neighbour with regard to the vacuum cleaner.

Reaching Out To Social Media Influencers

SoBu strongly believes in influencer marketing. We work hard to ensure that our clients' products make their way into the hands of relevant social media influencers so that they can help share our clients' products with their own online audience. Through careful research, attention to detail and by analysing a series of social media metrics and important data, we identify influencers within your small business' niche market. Once we've identified appropriate social media influencers, we make contact with these key players in your business' niche market and work with them to get your products in their hands so that they can share your brand's story with their audience. In this way, influencer marketing is a powerful way to increase your small business' online audience, improve your reach and increase conversion on your website.

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