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Globally, Instagram boasts more than 500 million users. Of those users, more than 300 million users log into Instagram every single day. When you choose to have your business represented on Instagram, that opens you up to a very large audience including the 5 million of Instagram's active, daily users located right here in Australia.

Why Share Your Business On Instagram?

While other social media websites garner engagement from roughly .1% of a user's audience,  Instagram manages to achieve an impressive 4% engagement rate. The reason for the high levels of engagement is that Instagram users are much more accepting of business, and more than 70% of active users have reported looking up a local business via their Instagram account. Furthermore, 66% of Instagram users actively follow and engage with different businesses on their account. Despite these percentages and figures, many businesses still opt out of sharing their story via Instagram.

Instagram is different from other social media channels in that the content that is shared is almost exclusively visual. Being a visual content platform makes it easier for fans and followers to engage with you and your business. While other social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter often require your audience to expand images or click on links, Instagram's only ask is that user double tap the content that they like. If they REALLY like a particular piece of content, they can also comment or use a third party application to "regram" your content so that they can share it with their own social circles.

Get Your Brand Noticed On Instagram

While Instagram offers unique benefits that other social media platforms do not, it also presents a unique set of challenges. The largest of these challenges is how to get your brands Instagram posts to standout amongst the 95 million photos that are posted to the social media platform every day. 

To get your brand noticed and ensure you are getting the attention that you deserve, SoBu employs a clearly defined strategy built on analytics which combines researching and planning hashtags; developing a clear visual style; consistently posting based on the time that your ideal audience is online; and frequently interacting with your current and potential audience, to create a familiarity leading in to positive and profitable interactions and engagement.

A Planned And Well-Executed Approach To Social Media Marketing

Before beginning to market your business on Instagram, SoBu Social Media Marketing works with you to clearly define goals for your Instagram account. We also offer customisable Instagram marketing packages to help you reach those carefully selected targets. 

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