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SoBu Social Media Marketing

SoBu Social is all about social media marketing. Based here in Newcastle, and working with small businesses, we uphold the SoBu Digital brand values of working with small businesses and soul-traders to help them reach their business goals and objectives by implementing affordable digital marketing strategies. 

The SoBu Social approach to social media marketing is different from typical social media marketing firms and agencies in that all of the strategies we employ for the brands & businesses that we work with are built around a measurable and analytical approach to social media. We offer out clients a uniquely targeted approach to social media with an intensive focus on analytics as the basis for strategic business development. By continuously assessing key social media measurable, most notably audience engagement, we effectively grow your online audience, increase your reach, improve your online conversation and win you more business.

SoBu Social's analytics-focused approach to social media fosters audience-centric growth and evolution. By constantly assessing and reassessing engagement, we develop a strategic approach to your business's development and help deliver your audience a cohesive brand message that is appropriately representative of your business and your business objectives.

Measurable Growth

Measurable are at the core of the social media strategies that SoBu Social Media Marketing employs for all of the businesses that we work with. Included with our social media services, is daily, weekly and monthly tracking of follower growth and interactions.The laborious tracking process enables us to ensure that the social media strategy we employ for your business resonates with your target audience and helps to win you more business. All of the reports we complete for your business are delivered to you so that you are well informed with regards to the progress of the social media marketing efforts we employ on behalf of your business. We also use these reports as the bases for ongoing social media strategy. 

Our Commitment To Your Business

SoBu Social Media Marketing is dedicated to the success of all of the businesses that we work with. We firmly believe the first step to achieving measurable and profitable results for our clients, is to facilitate clear communication and understanding. To this end, we come to the table with concrete answers to the question "what can we do your business?" and "how can we help this business surpass their goals?" With the answers to these questions in mind, we work as an extension of your business, with complete transparency and straight-forward communication, to help your business build a loyal and engaged online audience.

Social Media Marketing That Works For Your Small Business

Each and every business that we work with is unique. We understand that your small business faces unique challenges and has unique needs. To serve your small business better, we offer customisable social media marketing packages to meet your brand's unique needs. This means that you receive only the services you need and nothing that you don't.

For more information on the social media marketing services we offer for small businesses, contact us here.


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