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As one of the original incarnations of Social Media, Twitter has grown to more than 232 million active users since it's launch in 2006. In the 2016 census, 19% of all Australians reported using Twitter. 

Twitter: The Confusing Social Media Channel

Despite Twitter's popularity, Twitter is the social media platform that causes the most confusion. While the character limit might not be for everyone, the micro-blogging website is an important place to find and engage with your business' online audience.

The Challenges Of Marketing On Twitter

In addition to being a social media website that many users express confusion over, marketing on Twitter is also the most labour intensive. 

The life of a tweet is only half an hour. What this means is that, 30-minutes after you post your tweet, it is unlikely to garner any further attention. With this in mind, the key is to ensure that you are reaching the largest potential audience with every single post to ensure that your small business' content is being well received and getting the attention that it deserves.

Given the short length of a single tweet's life, social media marketing on Twitter involves a greater deal of content creation and curation than websites like Facebook or Instagram. Not only will you have to work to ensure you are reaching the largest potential audience with each tweet, you will also need to tweet more often. The key to a successful Twitter campaign, however, is to ensure you are striving for quality over quantity.

Successful Social Media Marketing on Twitter

An analytical and measured approach to social media marketing is what sets SoBu apart from other social media marketing agencies and business. The social media marketing that we carry out for each of our clients is based completely on analytics. We constantly assess and then reassess our approach to sharing your business on Twitter, as well as doing in depth research to pinpoint the ideal time for your tweets to go out, on this platform, timing is everything. 

Approaching social media marketing from the standpoint of analytics, allows us to accurately assess how the content we are sharing on your business' behalf is resonating with your audience. This information makes it possible to identify opportunities and to leverage those opportunities to engage an even larger and broader audience. In this way, success in social media marketing on Twitter is an ever-evolving process where success continually builds on success so that there is continued growth and expansion.

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